New blog! ^^

Minna! Konbanwaaa! deco6 (3)
This will be my last post *maybe lol*
because i've decided to make a new blog! ^w^
here's the link:

See you there!! deco4 (9)
Bye-cha! deco4.gif

Yo Yo Yo! XD

Helloooo everyone! >w<
Chiyo desu! deco8 (1)

Ah! By the way,,
This is the last post of
13-years-old-chiyo deco4 (9)
Yay! I'll be 14 tomorrow! X3

It've been a while since i post something huh? :D
Sorry for not posting!
I, for some reason,,
Forgot my password deco3 (1) deco3 (1)

And today,
I tried to remember
with all my might
And i did it deco2 (9)
Maybe it's the effect of being 14 naa~ deco1sd.gif deco1sd.gif

And, i dont know why
But im happy because i'll be 14 soon XD
Maybe because 14 is one of my favorite number deco2 (4)

All right!
From now on,,
The mature-14-years-old-chiyo
Will do her best on memorizing password(s)!! *laughs* deco2 (1)
And I'll try to remember my facebook password too!
Because i forget it already! *laughs*

I hope i wont be a forgetful person anymore
I mean,,
Seriously deco2 (5) deco2 (5)
sometimes, I even forgot that i have a blog here *laughs*

I'm want to cut my hair
so it'll be short deco1 (23)
But i dont know, im confused XD

Ja, for the photos,,
because this is a special day,,
i Think i'll post 2 yoooo




Okay then,,
Bye-cha!! deco0 (16)

final exams

Chiyo de~su! deco2 (8)
Im back from my deep dark sleep (?) hiatus XD
How's everyone? I bet everyone forgot about my existence already hohohoho
But thats ok! people forget things right?! *laughs*
Final exam is coming!

I'll do my best! YOSSSHHHH
next monday are math and.. something XD
Im not good at math DX and physics deco3 (4)
What should i do? *Sobs* deco2 (5)
Lets change the topic! XD
Yesterday, i went to sa-chan's house to study together for the final exams deco2 (3)
We laughed a lot deco2 (9)deco2 (9)

I, somehow
predicted that eri-chan
will burp twice
and then hiccup once (?)
and it happened *laughs* deco0 (14)
I think i've got talent in this ne *laughs*
predicting hiccups and burps deco2 (1)
we took pictures too deco2 (4)deco2 (4)
and we made some onigiri :3
Tanoshikatta naa~ deco1 (18)

This is out of the topic, but
One of my teacher just had his first daughter deco1sd.gifdeco1sd.gif
He's not really my favorite teacher do i have one? lol *slapped* because he's boring XD
But congratulations sensei! omedetouuu~
I hope she'll be a beautiful girl! deco8 (2)

btw, right now im studying actually its get distracted, not studying. thats why im updating my blog
I think i'll just study XD, no i mean really study,, tomorrowdeco1 (16)

Today's picture deco4 (8),
Is a picture of a student
doesnt study seriously *laughs*

chiyoko chiyokoo

I'm playing psp and keep looking at my phone while studying deco7.gif
But still, its called studying XD *laughs*
dont follow this bad attitude kids deco5 (6)
I'll just watch some movie on tv XD
sick of studying already D:

Bye-cha! deco2.jpgasdfsfsvcdsvcds

Topic : My Ordinary Life
Genre : Blog

I am Tired.

Konbanwa! Chiyo desu!
Today's blog title is "I am tired"
well well well deco3 (7)
Its about fangirling.
I'm tired of fangirling deco2 (5)

It was like this,,
Lets just say, im watching a video of C-ute LIVE concert
and i was like "KYAAA! deco2 (6)deco2 (6)"
but somehow,,
I cant.
Its too far away, isnt it?

well its not just for C-ute,,
When i see Hey!Say!JUMP, 9nine, Tokyo Girls' style and everyone
i realized that they are too faaaaar! deco0 (24)
And today,, i saw some people
telling that they was sooo happy because they can come to C-ute(actually its C-ute and S/mileage concert)/Hey!Say!JUMP concert
i was like.. this --->deco0.jpg
But but but.. IDK (?)

I shouldn't be like this nee? deco0 (27)
I should make my dreams come true! Fighto! deco1 (21)
well well *laughs*
Its not a sad entry anymore deco1sd.gifdeco1sd.gif
I'm fired up because of.. nothing!! *laughs* deco7.gif
Okay, from now on, Suzuki Chiyoko will do her best! deco8 (2)

Today's photo deco4 (8) is..
IDK, its just isn't confortable for me if i dont post pictures *laughs* ok im a weirdo i know XD
well, here we goo~


By the way, its the last photo of
My old hair TAT
I changed my hairstyle,, i think? XD deco4.gif
What will everyone say about it?
well, lets just see! deco6 (3)
Tomorrow i gotta go to school, again
i'll just do my best at playing studying ! deco8 (2)

Bye-cha! deco2 (1)deco2.jpg

Airi's birthday ♥

Konbanwaa!! Chi desu!! asdfsfsvcdsvcds
Because yesterday was my idol's birthday, so i decided to update my blog qw
Yesterday was,,
Suzuki Airi-chan's bithday!! deco0 (30)
Happy Birthday Airi-chan!!! deco0 (14)
I love you so much!! deco0 (16) deco0 (15)

Yesterday, on Airi-chan's birthday,,
Its supposed to be a nice day,, and im supposed to be happy deco1 (15)
but hh
So you see,, yesterday we had fieldtrip
and i was supposed to be one group with my friends deco0 (28) deco0 (28)
I ended up with my juniors deco0 (24)
all of them are boys
well it doesnt matter, but they are
really annoying! deco1 (14)
plus,, My teachers gave us many homeworks so yeah deco1 (20)

Oh well, just forget about it deco1 (18) deco1 (18)
I had a great weekend anyway deco1 (12)
and holidays is coming,, SOON!! deco1sd.gifdeco2 (3)
I hope some fun things will happen! XDD

its time for.. photos! deco4 (8)
hehee, i didnt take any photo today so
I'll just use a photo that i took some days ago deco2 (2)


hehee, edited special for Airirin deco2 (4)

Okay so
I got to go!
I got school tomorrow deco3 (4)
see you next time!

Bye-cha! deco3 (8)



Hello~! call me anything you want LOL :D
I'm 13 years old, and I'm currently living in Indonesia :)
My nickname is suzuki chiyoko~ But it's not my real name nee :p
I'm a fan of Hello!Project (°C-ute, Buono! a little bit Berryz, S/mileage, Momusu and ManoEri), JE (hey say jump, Arashi), 9nine, AKB48, and shida mirai!~

chi's stuffs~

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